Black and White


Black & white photography is about the darkest blacks, the whitest whites, and all the grey tones in between. Your eye is built to pick up two things: light intensity and color. When you take out color, eyes become more sensitive to the light intensity. Naturally your will pick out areas of contrast — it’s how we distinguish one thing from another. As a black & white photographer, your main objective is to make your point with shades of gray. Use contrast to show your views what’s important and what’s not. Seek out scenes that naturally show signs of high contrast, and your black & white photos will be more page popping right from the start.


Texture is really just a form of contrast, but it is looked at quite differently. If you think about it, texture is the regular or irregular pattern of shadows and highlights at various intensities. Black & white photos really lend themselves to texture because color adds another layer, and masking most slight textures. Find areas of interesting texture that can be photographed by looking at specific surfaces and examining them for signs of patterns  and contrast.


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