Take better photographs of children

A new arrival in the family is often an incentive to buy a camera. While taking control of autofocus, aperture and shutter speed can help with taking better pictures of children, one of the most significant ways to improve your shots is to work on their composition.

For a start it’s often best to shoot from your child’s eye level, so you’re not looking down on them.

Also, have a good look at the background and remove as much clutter as possible, and look for an angle that gives you a clean background –

You will get more natural portraits of your children if they are relaxed and unaware that you are shooting.

A long focal length can help because you can shoot from further away while they are playing. A local park can make and ideal venue, and a bright overcast day is ideal as you won’t have any harsh shadows to deal with.

Continuous autofocus mode is usually the best option as the camera will adjust focus as the child moves about.

Shoot in continuous drive mode so the camera continues to take shots for as long as you keep the shutter release pressed down. Don’t be afraid to take lots of pictures. Take your time, relax, enjoy the moment and watch for fleeting expressions.


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