Spring and Summer Sunsets

  • Take advantage of the sunrise now that the days are getting longer. The air is cleaner at sunrise, and at this time of year when day and night temperatures vary a lot, the colors will photograph very differently early in the morning than they will late in the afternoon.
  • Fog and mist can also be an extra bonus. Try getting up high—the tops of hills or mountains are perfect, as they give you great views over valleys which may hold early morning mist and fog like a bowl.
  • A polarizer can also help here, and also remember that fog acts like a soft box and can lower the contrast of your surroundings which can leave you with rather long exposure times, so take a tripod if you have one.
  • Your camera may also have a few exposure problems and as a result, you’ll have touse exposure compensation to rectify this.
  • If your skies end up looking a little washed out, try fitting a neutral density grey graduated filter on your lens.

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